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What do Physiotherapists do?

When pain or loss of function stop you doing what you enjoy, or limit your quality of life, a physiotherapist’s purpose can help with specialist treatments.

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Physiotherapy combines both prevention and cure, in the sense that we treat injuries and issues, help patients with rehabilitation and exercise and seek to restore normal function and movement.

If you’re not an athlete, or you don’t have a back injury, you may not feel that physio treatment is for you. In fact, physiotherapy involves treating and correcting challenges resulting from all kinds of injuries, accidents, diseased and lifestyle factors – including the process of ageing.

Our main goal is to improve your quality of life by reducing or eliminating pain and helping you to use your body to its full potential.

We aim to either restore function completely, or lessen the impact and pace of any permanent function, depending on your circumstances.


What can we do for you.

We adopt a multi-stage approach: assessment, diagnosis, treatment planning and implementation, training and rehabilitation.

The power of education

We use our knowledge and experience to help you prevent injuries and chronic conditions, and lead a healthier, more fulfilling life.


Manual Therapies – hands-on manipulation and mobilization, release, resistance training and stretching.

Exercise Programs – stretching and other exercises designed to help you recover from an injury or surgery or to improve your posture.

Electrotherapy Techniques – diagnosis, treatment and pain management.


A holistic approach

We consider and address all the factors that could have led to an injury, and look at what changes you can make at work or during sport to prevent it happening again. Ultimately, we want you to be able to enjoy life without pain or injury.

All our treatment programs are based on a thorough understanding of your medical history and priorities.


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